Bad, follows good, follows great

This morning started with another trip to the dentist. I went last week and had a filling but once the anesthetic wore off I couldn't close my teeth together properly. It was a quick in and out to fix it.

My ride to work started at 10.10am and there was a strong head wind. Not good. After a couple of miles a silver Vauxhall Corsa passed me just as an egg flew in front of my bike and landed on the grass verge to my right, cracking open. The bastard had thrown an egg at me!

Another thing bugging me for the whole ride was the numbness in my backside. It's not letting up after all this time in the saddle. The numbness turns into muscle pain off the bike (a right pain in the arse!). Any suggestions welcome.

The wind didn't let up the whole way in and I got to work a staggering 1h20m later. Not impressed!

Whilst riding in, I thought my luck would be in on the way home with the head wind becoming a tail wind. Come 5pm I was right. The wind was still blowing strong in the same direction as this morning. The wind helped me home with some bloody good speeds.

I got home in a good mood and noticed I'd achieved one of my goals. I've hit the 500 mile mark now :o). I've also pretty much matched the mileage I did for the whole month of April.


  1. Wasnt it Clive last week that some tossers through stuff out of there car window the same.

    Ope ure tooth is alrite mate

    Well done on another goal toby

  2. Toby -

    For 500 miles: Great job and congratulations!

    For the Eggs: try to catch 'em next time and throw them back.

    For the tooth: I've got nothing to offer but it sounds like you're in good hands.

    Seat Pain: it might be an issue with the bike fit. Have you considered seeing a professional fitter at a bike shop. Some adjustments they recommend are not intuitive, but can make a tremendous difference.

    Best of luck with all of it and keep pedaling.

  3. The pain in the arse is a pain in the arse, Mike is right, try getting fitted up properly, or the more expensive route is to experiment with saddles, padded saddles ultimately are not the way forward. And no, I'm not banging on again about Brooks Saddles! :-)

    Well done on the mileage though mate, you're certainly making faster progress than I did! But then again you're way younger... ;-)

  4. Every time I look at your maps I just think of my holidays last summer! You're a lucky man, riding that route to work and back.

  5. Phill, I was going to post something similar! I'm jealous of that route :(

    Congrats on the 500 miles too.

  6. Cheers for all the positive comments as always.

    With regards to professional bike fit, I have given it a little thought but it's £50 so seems quite expensive.

    As for being jealous of my commute, it is a nice place to be. I'm certainly not jealous of Joby's!


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