Pins and needles

This is really bugging me now. After about 20 minutes on the bike I get a numbness which turns into pins and needles in the ball of my feet and my toes. Does anyone else get this all the time and does anyone have any tips on how I can get rid of it?


  1. I get that sometimes, I've always assumed I've done my cycling shoes up too tight or my feet are not quite in the right place on my pedals. It seems pretty random though. It's my numb hands and aching arms/shoulders that bothers me most.

  2. Never ever had that mate, the only thing I get is aching thighs and jelly legs. Tell you who mite know John seeing he does so many miles

  3. I only ever had it when I was stretching my legs too far to reach the ground when stopped.

    Way I stopped it was to get off my seat and stand on the road at junctions :)

  4. Do you use spd/spdsl or flat pedals?
    I would suggest that your shoes are to tight or you may have a circulation problem...

    Don't forget as you pedal you end up pumping the blood out of your feet...

    Another possible situation could be irritation of nerves in the lower back...

    I would seek a doctors advice!

  5. I'm not using SPDs, just standard MTB cage pedals that came with the bike. If I move my feet further forward once I get the numbness it starts to go.

    I wonder if it's related to the fact that I still get a numb bum after the miles I've done? Maybe it could be due to my weight?

  6. Toby -

    You might check with your LBS and see if they have any recommendations to adjust the fit or use of spd's to relieve pressure and improve circulation. I do use SPD on my touring bike and I get the same thing if I start to pedal only on the down stroke, pushing my toes in to the shoes. If I remember to also pull up on the back stroke, the numbness clears quickly.

    Happy riding.

  7. Toby i have the same effect sometimes not all the time.
    It can go all the way up to my crutch also.
    Occassionally i get what Clive has and thats in the shoulders elbows and hands.
    It is sporadic though not all the time
    Keep up the record breaking your making me envious and determined.
    Well done

  8. Thanks for your suggestions ChesapeakeSailor. I am tempted to get SPDs but I also have another problem. I have very wide feet. I'm a 7.5 in length but I have to buy size 9 extra wide. Wide SPD shoes are hard to find and extremely expensive.

    I also get numb hands and have gel mitts and special grips to reduce this but it's better with the mitts off.

    Simon - at this rate I might have to create some new goals!

  9. I think I agree with most of the above - either your shoes are a little too tight (or socks?), or toe clips - and if just a cage with no strap maybe you are pointing your feet (toes) downwards - try to have the ball of your foot on the pedal (not instep as I see so many people do); try to keep feet horizontal; make sure your seat is at the correct height (knee slightly bent at bottom of pedal revolution).
    I have never had it on my tourer (using SPD's) - but do suffer when I ride the tandem (same pedal set up that you have by the sounds of it) in my usually comfy trainers. 'Proper' cycle shoes have a very hard sole - could that be the answer?

  10. Thanks Sue. I do think it has something to do with the pedals pressing through the soft soles of my trainers. I will be going the SPD route as soon as I can but in the mean time I just shift my foot to the instep for about a minute and it goes away.


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