New route and another goal complete

Today I split my journey with a train ride. For this week I'll be doing the same every day. 1.7 miles followed by a 6 minute train journey then a further 2.2 miles to work.

I originally thought I couldn't take the bike on the train but after reading the bicycle policy of Southern Railway I realised that I could.

The weekly cost of the train ticket is no more than the petrol costs and I get to ride further than before.

Today was my fortnightly weigh in. I've lost almost another 4lb. I'm now 124.8kg (19st 9lb 2oz). I've got to my first weight loss goal of 125.2kg.


  1. Superb progress Tobes. You're setting the standard at the moment and no mistake!

  2. Well done Toby on ure weight loss and ure extra cycling mate

  3. Well done.

    Out of interest - how far does the train travel in 6 mins?

    Will that be your ultimate aim - missing out the train?

  4. Thanks as always guy for your kind comments.

    Joby - The train travels 4.6 miles in 6 minutes. It's 5.2 miles by road. I intend to gradually up the distance and next week I will ride 5.1 miles before getting on the train. The ultimate aim is to ride the full 9.1 miles to work and back. In two weeks time I will ride the whole journey for the first time with the support of my triathlete colleague.

    Out of interest, what facilities do your employees have for cyclists?

  5. Facilities?
    What are those?

    Absolutely none - but I don't care :)

    9.1 miles is a good distance and a cracking journey to build up to - am looking forward to reading your blog next year and you've got the journey down to 34 minutes :)

  6. Actually, I tell a lie - the building manager kindly lets me park my bike in the secure underground car park, but them are the only facilities I have.

    I am armed with deodorants, hair gel, soap and a couple of towels should I need, but no showers or anything :(

  7. I doubt I could get it down to 34 mins on my mountain bike!

    We have some front wheel cycle racks and one shower on the third floor of the adjacent building to the one I work in. It's tiny and dark!

  8. No cycling facilities at all at my place Tobes. I park my bike in our installers fitting bay. I leave a weeks worth of kit in my stores (my changing room) on Monday when I pedal in and have a stand up wash at the sink in the bogs. I tend to swap kit over on the occasions when I drive in. Quite crap really but I've had worse conditions to ablute in!

  9. TBH, I don't even wash. I love the stench of cycling in the morning ;)


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