Most mileage in a week

No riding today due to a car club meeting in Rugby. However, I've ridden 6 days this week including my longest commute so far and my longest ride so far.

If you read my last post then you'll know I changed my weekly commute to 3.9 miles each way split by a short train journey. I found the ride OK but I think I need to ride further without a break in between. So, next week I'll be riding 5.1 miles then hopping on the train for the last bit. The journey home will be the reverse, hopping on the train first. That will mean my commute will break the 50 mile mark for the week.

On Thursday I went for a lunchtime 8 mile ride with colleagues again. A new colleague joined us on the ride and even though he could leave me standing without trying, he rode at my pace for the whole ride. It was much more enjoyable like this and I really appreciated him doing this.

On Saturday I went for a ride up the Cuckoo trail from Hailsham to Heathfield and back (16 miles). It's uphill on the way there and downhill on the way back. It wasn't really a struggle doing so much uphill as it was steady. I was surprised that I couldn't do the return journey quicker than I did but even having to slow down for my son on his BMX I don't think I could have done it much faster.

It was 1 hour 2 minutes (moving time) there and 48 minutes (moving time) back. This journey took me to 63 miles for the week. Very pleased.

I took my new hydration bladder with me on the ride. However the water tasted disgusting!! I bought some sterilising tablets after my ride and will see how it tastes next time. This seems to be a problem as I searched online about it. Some suggest the chlorine taste can be a problem to and a soak in bicarbonate of soda will get rid of it. Anyone else have taste problems with these?


  1. Congrats on the ride.

    As for the taste - I've not had a problem with my bladder. I just make sure the water that goes in is very cold.

  2. Ure going great guns mate, am well jealous, can't wait to be fit so I can get back on me bike, determined to do by Bikeathon so want to be fit a couple weeks before that.
    Good luck with ure longer commute next week Toby.

  3. It takes a while to get rid of that plastic taste then, unless you're carefull you get mold from using energy gels / orange juice.

    Make sure you wash the bladder after each ride and then store it in the freezer (not full of water). Putting it in the freezer will remove most of the nasty tastes and stop bacteria growing.

    Well done i know what you mean about riding solo it feels like a battle on its own.
    sometimes i have my music on sometimes not.
    Cant say ive had the taste problem but now i use it on every ride and ive noticed the difference with my hydration problem i had.
    Toby i would have drove down to see you at rugby had i known.
    Keep up the good work mate.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Red - I'll try putting it in the freezer and see how I get on.

    Simon - I was in a meeting all day so had no spare time to meet you even if you'd know in advance. Next time I'm in the Midlands, I'll let you know.

  6. Nice one Toby, the progress is coming thick and fast now mate. :-)


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