Longest ride and in the rain

I wanted to go for a ride today and was adamant the weather wouldn't stop me. When I woke this morning the sun was out but the forecast was heavy rain. I needed to go shopping with the wife and kids in the morning and decided I would go out after lunch. When I came out of the shops it had started raining so I knew my ride would be in the rain.

After lunch I got everything ready and made sure me and my eldest son had enough layers including our waterproof coats. I wasn't 100% sure where to go and my son had no idea where we were going. I decided we'd head to ASDA as there's a few shops I wanted to go to and I wanted to get some cinema tickets for tomorrow at the same time. By the time we arrived at ASDA we were soaked. The wind was blowing in our faces on the way there and made us wetter than I thought possible. We spent a short time at the shops and fortunately the rain had stopped. If it had continued raining we probably would have just headed home but as the sun was starting to shine through we decided to head towards the beach.

Once we arrived at the beach the clouds were disappearing but the wind was still strong. We then headed toward Pevensey Castle, briefly stopping at a field with these enormous sows and six baby piglets (aaaah).

We then carried on through the castle, back towards home. I decided we'd take a slightly different route though and take in some different scenery. It had more of an incline than I expected from memory and it was quite hard being towards the end of the ride but my 10 year old was making it look easy on his BMX!

We arrived home completely dried out having completed 9.4 miles. My longest ride yet but I wasn't too disappointed I didn't break the 10 mile mark as the wind and rain did take it out of me somewhat. If the weather is better on Monday I might go for a longer ride!


  1. Well done Toby I think the wind made it harder today though

    Good luck Monday matey

  2. Thats an excellent achievement Toby,
    My vision of you riding by the beach and seaside conjours up wind rain at a terrific rate however just think of the advantages you have come the good weather what views and of course the weather makes all the difference.
    I think once we have conquered this phobia about the weather and going out and getting wet....lol? Then i think everything else will fall into place.
    I find it all to easy to stay indoors on a comfortable sofa infront of the television.
    Well im going out myself today and as i write this in my office the sun is glaring through my window.
    The dogs need to go out so there is my warm up exercise.
    Hope monday brings you my joy.

  3. Nice one Toby. A cracking effort!

  4. God I love Pevensey Bay. Great effort Toby. Brilliant that you're enjoying it and pushing yourself. Good man!

  5. Tbaks for the nice comments guys.

    My quadriceps are aching lots today but no cramps like I got after my long journey last weekend. It's nice and sunny here today, even though it was forecast to be miserable!

  6. Well done Toby especially in the especially in the wind and the rain.


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