Another goal complete

After my ride in this morning I've smashed yet another goal. I've now done a total of 250 miles on my bike. However, I feel absolutely knackered this morning. Before I got on the bike my back was hurting and my legs were a bit aching. I'll have a Radox bath when I get home and I think I'll miss out playing football tomorrow night too.

These longer rides are taking it out of me more than I thought they would.


  1. Keep it up Toby I think the aching will soon pass mate

    I can't wait to get that aching feeling back rather than the ache I get at the mo sometimes

  2. Cheer Les. I hope it will. I'm on holiday for a 5 days in May so I will get a decent rest from the bike.

  3. Toby i have the same effects but somehow when i go out the next night they dissapear.
    What about going for a mile walk instead, at a pace of about 3 to 4 mph.
    Occassionally i do this and its not so taxing on the muscles.
    Well done on the achievment again.


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