Another goal bites the dust!

Another week and another goal completed. This week I've ridden to work every day. 3.1 miles there and 3.1 miles back. Very pleased.

On Thursday I got another 8 mile lunchtime ride in. The ride there was good and fast. The ride back took half as long again due to a constant head wind!

Thursday evening I played football in the park with some friends. During the lighter evenings we normally have a good old kick around in the park. Having ridden for over a month I thought it would be easier than normal. Was I wrong! Later that evening my legs were stiff. The next day my legs were hurting in places they've not even hurt with cycling and my back was killing me! Hopefully footy will be easier next week.

I had a day off cycling on Saturday as I wanted to rest more.

Today I wanted to push the cycling total for the week over 50 miles. I managed to do it last week so this is my current weekly target. I started off with a ride with all the family. We took a ride around Shinewater Park. My 6 year old was keen to show off his newly acquired cycling skills. After 2 miles around the park, my wife and youngest son rode home and my eldest and me carried on riding. I had 8 miles left to do to meet the target. My son chose the first destination and the ride just went on and on. Having ridden places we've never been before we ended up back home having ridden 12.5 miles.

No leg pains at all but I'm still getting a numb back side and numb toes after 161 miles on my bike.

Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I'm not taking the car any of the way to work and will rely on the train for part of the journey. That means each way of the commute by bike will go up to 3.7 miles.

Tomorrow is also my fortnightly weigh in. Fingers crossed.

Here's my ride from today.

Weekly totals

Commuting 31.87 miles

Recreational 20.50 miles

Total 52.37 miles


  1. Well done Toby ure cycling seems to be going realy well keep it up mate

  2. Well done matey!
    Football gets easier I promise - in fact, the fitter you become, the more pissed off with everybody else you'll become as they aren't keeping up with you :)

  3. Well Done Toby.
    Excellent Effort And Congratulations With The Weight Loss

  4. Thanks guys.

    Joby - The football might get easier but I doubt the others I play with will ever have trouble keeping up with me one day but it's a nice thought!


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