Week one complete of riding to work

As it's raining today I've not ridden into work. I've ridden my bike every day since Saturday. I've not ridden all the way from home (9.8 miles) but I've done as much as I know my body could cope with. 1.2 miles in and 1.9 miles back. I've done almost 20 miles so far, which for me is a big achievement. My legs were hurting yesterday for the first time when not even on the bike and the muscles are still sore today. Tomorrow is supposed to be raining too so I'll have two days off from cycling and hopefully my legs will have had enough rest. As the weather is supposed to be good on Sunday I'll try and beat my maximum single journey distance and try and to do at least 5 miles.

Mileage Log


  1. Mate,

    You've done really well. Just remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Think very, very long term. To make the long term psychologically managable try to set some short term achievable goals, then tell us about them so we can get on your case about it. They're all nagging buggers here!

  2. well, my first goal is to be able to do six miles a day (3 each way) 5 days a week. My second goal is to be able to ride the 9.1 miles to work. Third goal is to be able to do 9.1 miles to work and 9.1 miles home again at the end of the day. They seem like achievable goals. My future goal is to complete the 2011 London to Brighton Bike Ride (54 miles).

  3. I now have a goals page.



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