No cycling today as I was taking it easy due to continued muscle ache. I've been given some warm-up exercises to try and reduce the aches and cramps though, so hopefully it won't be as bad when I try a longish ride again.

Anyway, back to the topic. Ever since I started cycling, I've been getting up half an hour earlier than usual. 6.30 rather than 7am. The strange thing is though, how much more tired I am. I would normally go to bed around midnight and most nights not even feel tired. Instead I'm feeling tired between 9-10pm and going to bed around that time. I'm guessing this is just my body getting used to the extra energy output and the reduce energy intake but it would be interesting if others in my situation have experienced the same or not. Any comments welcomed.


  1. Sleeping has never been an issue for me Toby, so I guess I'm not much use on that front. As for the aches and pains, you're going to get them and especially at my age you just have to live with them them. It's the out of the ordinary non excersise pain that need to concern you. I think you have new muscle usage type aches which are totally normal.

    Like me, you're a bit to early on the cycling path to be considering recovery rides yet. Stretching is the way to go.

  2. It's not so much a comment on sleep but on energy: I find I have much more energy when I'm exercising properly. Recently I've had a few weeks off due to a cracked rib, and I've noticed my energy levels dip alarmingly. It's amazing how quickly lethargy can beciome habit-forming if you let it.
    I do go to bed pretty early though: as soon after 9 as I can.


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