Made it up that hill

I've not ridden the bike for the last two days. The day off Wednesday was because a colleague needed a lift to work and Thursday was because it was hammering down with rain. I was glad I had two days off riding though as trying to get up that hill on Tuesday really took its toll on my legs.

Todays rides were just as hard as before, except when I got to that hill! As I approached the bottom of the hill, I realised how far up the hill I'd actually got on Tuesday. This time I was determined to make it all the way to the top without getting off. As I reached the highest point that I'd reached before, I could feel my legs telling me to stop. I couldn't. I saw how little was left of the hill and pushed that little bit harder. I'd made it!

My legs quickly recovered and pedaled me the rest of the way back to my car. When I stopped I also noticed I'd knocked almost 40 seconds of my previous best time. Well pleased. Still got a long way to go. My riding buddy can do the 1.9 miles in 9m01s. My best is now 14m46s.

Hoping to ride some more at the weekend but it's forecast rain on both days.

Commuting distance - 19.05 miles
Leisure distance - 15.22 miles
Total distance - 34.27 miles


  1. Don't let the rain put you off, all you need is somewhere to dry your clothes at work, ready for the trip home. As far as leisure riding goes, I love to cycle in the rain.

  2. You've not sold the idea to me but I'm sure I can do it once the cycling gets easier.

  3. Well done Toby that is such a buzz when u achieve a goal

  4. Nice one Toby Old Bean. You'll never walk up that hill again. You'll just try to get up it faster now.

    As for rain.

    2 things my Old Sergeant Major used to say:

    1. You only get wet once.
    2. There's no such thing as bad weather, only poor equipment.

    If you wait for nice weather in the UK you'll never get out.

  5. welshcyclist is right - I too love cycling in the rain.

    And Clive sums it up perfectly - I don't think we have much nice weather over here :)

    And congrats for making it up that hill. You'll be powering up them in no time.

    Keep it up.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. The only thing putting me off riding on the rain is the lack of waterproofs. Finding waterproofs my size is difficult. Clive has given me the details of a jacket. I could do with some trousers though as I'm not ready for Lycra yet!

  7. Nice one on getting up the hill. As for kit, I have been having the same, ermm, issues. I have found that the DHB stuff from Wiggle is a pretty good fit in the biggest size, I didn't think I was ready for lycra, BUT I bought a pair of padded DHB tights and they are fantastic! I do however wear a pair of loose shorts over the top, just so I don't scare people! The tights do make a difference though, comfortable to ride in and warm / cool at the same time


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