The first ride home

The journey back to my car would've involved a prolonged hill if I were to take the same route back as I had in. My friend suggested an alternative route that was 1.9 miles (over half a mile longer) that had only had a short, but sharp, hill.

I started the ride without any problems but the slightest incline was making my legs hurt, forcing me to use lower and lower gears. Most of the ride was flat, but that early incline had made the flats almost as hard as a hill.

It wasn't too long before I saw the steep hill approaching. No amount of playing with the gears made the ride up the hill bearable and I had to admit defeat. I got off the bike and walked up most of the hill. The rest of the journey was easy.

It took me 17m4s and I managed an average speed of 6.9mph. I'll be doing the same journey home tomorrow so I'll let you know if I improve or not.

This Journey - 1.9 miles

Commuting distance - 3.2 miles
Leisure distance - 6.7 miles
Total distance - 9.9 miles

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