Healthy eating from Graze

I stumbled across a year ago and I was intrigued at what they were selling. Graze is basically healthy eating by post. They have a selection of foods from nuts to fruit and seeds to olives. They offer quality food delivered to your door on a regular basis.

You can choose what goes in your box from over 100 different choices. You can rate the products they have so they never send you things you don't like. The food is well packaged and environmentally friendly. They continually add new lines to their range to keep it exciting.

These boxes are a good lunch substitute and a boost to my healthy eating. I'm still impressed a year on.

Having just tucked into my 42nd box of goodness from, I went on to their website to rate the selection they sent me. Whilst there I noticed a promotional code so that anyone can get their first box free.

free box code: BDLV89B

enter at: >


  1. Hiya Toby jus given that a try mate am looking 4ward to getting my first box will let u know wot i think mate

  2. I couldn't find the Balti or Kebab section...

  3. I hope you like them guys. The key to a scrummy box is rating the selections.

    Clive - why don't you suggest that to them ;-)

  4. I've taken the plunge, thanks for the freebie Toby.

    Balti flavoured Brazil Nuts. The food of champions!

  5. Mine came yesterday only eaten the fresh fruit as yet the Orange was realy nice but the Gapefruit is something I don't like and after trying it I still don't like so said not to send anymore

    I am gonna try it for a few weeks tho and see wot I think

    Still got Date to remember and great fire dragon to try will take to work and av at one of my breaks

    Like the packaging and the fact it will go through the letterbox with no probs and its not expensive

    Cheers mate

  6. Glad you're enjoying it so far. I sometimes get a duff one but it's only because I thought I might like it!

    My favourite is the fresh pineapple and the flavoured nuts.


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