First weigh in

This morning has been two weeks since I changed my diet. It's good news as I've lost 3.7kg (8lb 3oz). I'm quite pleased with that. I've not been too drastic with my diet and I've not felt hungry so far. I'll be weighing myself every fortnight as I've found in the past that it can be disheartening to weigh yourself every week as bodyweight naturally fluctuates over such a short period.

On the cycling front, I didn't cycle any of my journey to work today. However, I did take the bike with me in the car and cycled to the local Lidl at lunchtime as they had some cycling offers. I was tempted to get some of their cycling glasses but on closer inspection they looked rather hideous. I got a cycle computer for my son and a pump for a colleague though so it wasn't a wasted journey. It's 1.4 miles each way but after the return journey my legs felt like jelly. My legs still don't like even the slightest hill but hopefully it won't be long until I can take them with relative ease.

Tomorrow I'll be cycling some of the journey to work. I hope my legs are better after a good nights sleep.

Commuting distance - 12.84 miles
Leisure distance - 15.22 miles
Total distance - 28.06 miles


  1. Excellent loss! I have been told it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to a new diet, mine did, though I still fall back into my old ways at times.

    I struggle with hills, but they do get easier with time!

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks for the positive comments. I'm pleased with the loss.

  3. 8Ibs! Check you out! Well done Toby.

  4. Thats absolutely Brilliant Toby


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