First ride to work

One of my colleagues is a keen cyclist and suggested that I put the bike in the car and drive to his house. That way the first journey to work would not be that far and I would be in position to build up the journey length over time.

For those of you wondering, my total car journey to work is 9.8 miles.

The journey from his house is mainly downhill and only 1.3 miles. 1.3 miles!! I guess you're laughing at me now. If you are, I don't care.

The journey was easy to start with as it's mostly downhill. I managed 31.5 mph according to the GPS on my phone. The hardest part was the hill I had to climb. My legs had obviously not recovered from the two rides I'd done at the weekend as they were hurting. As I struggled up the hill, my friend was motoring up it leaving me behind. I slowly made it up to the top of the hill and it was slightly downhill followed by a flat the other side. It took me 7m16s and my average speed was 10.4mph.

This Journey - 1.3 miles

Commuting distance - 1.3 miles
Leisure distance - 6.7 miles
Total distance - 8.0 miles


  1. toby how much did you pay for your bike mate as im eyeing one up
    also is a jump bike or mountain bike im a little confused because ive seen it advertised as a jump bike
    cheers simon t

  2. It was £359.99 but I pay for it monthly through my employers cycle to work scheme. It's definitely a mountain bike but it's designed to be strong enough to cope as a crossover jump bike. If you want the pure mountain bike version, go for the Hardrock.


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