First ride in the rain

Today I decided to ride to work in the rain. Well I actually decided on Monday night to ride in the rain Tuesday but I overslept Tuesday morning so I had to give it a miss. I made sure I'd taken my clothes, shoes etc to work on Tuesday to I had less to carry to work today. I also made sure I had a suitable waterproof coat.

I performed the leg stretches that Clive had shown me a couple of days ago before getting on the bike. Ready and raring to go, off I went. Not only was it raining today but there were winds of 30mph to contend with. The ride in was the the usual 1.2 miles but for half of that the wind and rain was pushing right at me. I got to work not that wet in the end.

Come the end of the day I was glad the rain had stopped. The wind however had not let up. The ride was noticeable slower due to the wind but it wasn't as hard as I expected. My total time was over 3 minutes slower than my last time for the same journey but again I managed to get up the hill without getting off the bike.

My legs had not hurt or felt like jelly after the ride in but they definitely hurt after getting up that hill. No jelly feelings but just standard muscle ache.

There's more wind and rain forecast for the rest of the week but tomorrow is my last day at work before Easter. I'm not back to work until Tuesday but I'm going to try and keep the mileage up over the long weekend, although riding for pleasure in the rain isn't my idea of fun.


  1. Well done mate, the secret is to keep ticking over. If you stop for any length of time it's very difficult to start again. I know, been there, done that, got the cliched T Shirt.

    A few pleasure pedals over the weekend is the way to go.

  2. Roll on summer. I don't have a dry pair of shoes left!

  3. Well done Toby keep it up mate

    Watched " The Flying Scotsman " realy enjoyed it thanks for the heads up on it mate

  4. Well done mate i know how you feel i start i stop and as clive said its true
    thanks for the info on the man that cycled the americas i watched both episodes...excellent

  5. Clive - At the moment riding every day gets quite painful with the hills and the saddle sore. I have the motivation but it's still early days and my body needs a rest some days.

    Red Bike - I can't wait, although some days it will be too hot!

    Les - Glad you liked it. I did too although it was a rather sad story at times.

    Fat Man Slim - Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked the programme.


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