First cycle ride

Other than doing an installation/test ride around the car park when I got my bike, today was my first cycle ride.

My kids have both got bikes and up until now, my wife and I have walked around the parks etc and they've ridden their bikes. In preparation for me getting my bike, I managed to get my wife a second-hand mountain bike so she could come with us.

The first ride was a trip around Shinewater Park, which is practically next to my house, with my wife and youngest son who's 6 years old. The ride was fairly easy but the pace was quite slow as my son couldn't manage the pace that I wanted to do. All in all, it was a nice and gentle first ride.

This Journey - 3.0 miles

Commuting distance - 0.0 miles
Leisure distance - 3.0 miles
Total distance - 3.0 miles


  1. I bet your little lad was made up that his parents were finally riding with him!

  2. He loved it and since then I've ridden with my eldest son 3 times and he loves it too.

  3. Your weight loss is phenomenal, well done, be proud :-)


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