A day of aches and pains

Having enjoyed my longest ride so far yesterday, I'm now paying the price. Yesterday afternoon my calfs were aching but more like cramps than muscle ache. I had a nice bath but they were still hurting so I put a heat pad on them and the pain started to go.

Late last night the pain came back so I put the heat pad back on and took it to bed with me.

When I woke up this morning there was no cramps but my upper leg muscles ached. However, it wasn't long before the cramps came back. I had to pick my car up from my friend's house so I took the bike. It's only a short ride but my legs didn't like it one bit. For most of today I've had a combination of sore muscles and cramps.

I'm going to leave riding the bike to work tomorrow and see how my legs feel for riding on Tuesday.


  1. I am sure it will pass soon mate

  2. Toby, sorry to hear you're suffering. Can I recommend some leg stretchs?




    Don't forget your hammies too


    Cycling actually contracts your muscles making them tighter and less flexible, which is an issue for big guys like us.

    I'm a nightmare for not stretching off, but after my calf issue last week I at least do the calf raises on the hearth in front of the fire.

  3. Thanks for that Clive. The problem I normally have is aches and pains in my quadriceps, particularly the one just above the knee on the inside of my leg.

  4. Clive's dead right, tightening up after a ride is what cause the aches, moreso than the exercise itself. Also your muscles will benefit from stretching anyway, as they tend to knot up if left alone for a while. It's boring but it works. Don't forget to just hold them in place for a couple of minutes, a couple of big stretches can really help.

  5. I still get aches and pains, after 5 years, but it's well worth it, hang in there.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I'll try and go the stretches before and after.


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