Cycle to work day two

I decided to do the same route to and from work as yesterday. The pain from the exertion my muscles are enduring is still there but it's better than yesterday. My times are about the same as yesterday but it felt quicker. Tomorrow I'll be doing the same as today, and again Thursday. The weather is due to be heavy rain on Friday so I'll be taking the car to work.

Todays total is 3.1 miles.

This Journey - 1.2 miles

This Journey - 1.9 miles

Commuting distance - 6.3 miles
Leisure distance - 6.7 miles
Total distance - 13.0 miles


  1. Ahh, a new member of the Fat Biking Blogging Community! Welcome aboard Sir!

    If I may offer a small word of advice? Don't sweat about the speed or lack thereof at the moment.

    Just worry about time on the bike and getting the pedals in. Then think about upping the distance gradually. At a pace to suit you obviously.

    You should aim to up your distance/time when your present pedals aren't hurting as much as they did. I find they always hurt though, it's all relative!

  2. Toby good luck wiv all ure endeavours my cycle 2 work 3 nights a week is only marginaly longer than yours I think Clive is a great example of wot can b acheived m8

    I c ure a fellow gamer as well

  3. Thanks for the positive and encouraging comments guys. I intend to ride a minimum of three miles each way 5 days a week. That way there is the added bonus that the bike pays for itself!


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