Almost made it up that hill

Today I rode into work doing the usual 1.2 miles there and 1.9 miles back. The journey in was pretty normal but my journey home was better than normal. Although my time was equal to my best, I managed to get further up the hill that I always have to get off the bike to go up. I got over half way up it today and even managed to get back on the bike sooner than I normally would.

Tomorrow I'm taking the car into work as one of my friends needs a lift as he's dropping his car off for its MOT. If the weather is not too bad Thursday I'll be back into work on it again. Maybe I will get all the way up the hill next time!

Commuting distance - 15.95 miles
Leisure distance - 15.22 miles
Total distance - 31.17 miles


  1. Next time definately Toby. When I first started this I had to walk up the last hill to my house called "Cock Hill" believe it or not. (After the Cock Pub by the way) I'm now out of the saddle powering up it pretty quickly. Obviously "powering" and "quickly" are relative terms. You'll be doing the same sooner than you think.

  2. It's all about getting just a little bit better most of the time. Nobody ever suddenly rode up that big hill without getting off a few times first.
    Baby steps mate, baby steps. :)

  3. Was just gonna say the same as Phill and Clive mate, litte steps at a time

    Praps me and you can plan to do the London to Brighton cycle 2011 together that will gives us both a goal to aim for

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I know it takes time but I thought I might be able to do it by now. Hopefully next time.

    Les - I'm definitely up for doing the London to Brighton bike ride next year. Two of my colleagues at work ate doing it this year as well as one of my friends.

  5. Les / Toby - I might join you for London to Brighton next year if you don't mind.

    Am sure a couple of other people would come down too.

  6. I don't mind you joining us Joby, the more the merrier. I'll be entering a team with colleagues from work but individual entry is also possible.


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