5 mile journey complete

Today I broke the 5 mile barrier.

Having checked the weather over the last couple of days, I was looking forward to todays ride. It had rained last night and again first thing this morning. The roads and paths were still very wet. The forecast had said it would be sunny intervals today, but after lunch it was still overcast with clouds looking like they were threatening rain. I decided to brave it just in case it did rain later in the afternoon. I grabbed my eldest son and off we went.

I decided to go back to Shinewater Park as it's away from the main roads and almost entirely flat. The pain that I had in my legs for the last two days had gone as had any saddle soreness. However, after about a mile or so, I started feeling some slight numbness in my bum. Where the sun had not come out all day, there were many puddles on our route. We completed two laps of the park and stopped for a brief drink. At this point, my backside was now aching rather than being numb. Nothing too serious but a tad uncomfortable. We then proceeded the long way home to make sure I would brake the 5 mile marker. As soon as I arrived home the sun came out!

Our bikes ended up quite dirty from the ride so I washed them down before putting them away.

I won't be riding the bike to work tomorrow, but I'm hoping to go to Lidl's as they have some cycling offers and will most probably cycle there and back.

This Journey - 5.65 miles

Commuting distance - 12.84 miles
Leisure distance - 12.41 miles
Total distance - 25.25 miles


  1. Well done Toby u actualy broke 5.65 miles keep it up matey the pounds will soon fall off

  2. First visit to your blog mate. Inspiring stuff, keep on going! So many people let life pass them by, it's great to read about those of you who get hold of it by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake. Top man.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments Phill.

  4. How on earth did you work through the pain? I just started riding. Have lost 60 pounds and have 60 more to go, and thought cycling sounded fun and would help me lose more - had been walking and jogging some. But my butt hurts so bad, don't know how to continue - I have a nice saddle on a Trek bike.

  5. Well done.

    It took me over 1,000 miles to get comfortable on the saddle and that saddle is no longer comfortable. There are so many saddles for all different shapes or backside. Your backside will change shape as you loose weight so you may have to change your saddle regularly. It's all trial and error.


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