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Me when I got my bike at almost 21st
My name is Toby. Welcome to my online diary of going from fat to fit using a bike.

At the age of 31 years old, my weight had crept up to 133.9kg (21st 1lb 3oz), I was super morbidly obese and I needed to finally do something about it. This blog is a record of my journey to do something about it by cycling and changing my eating habits.

I work in IT and sit at a desk all day. I used to drive everywhere since I got a car at the age of 17. Before then I had bikes all my life and had to ride or walk instead.

Me at the age of 17 on
Valentine's Day 1996
I've been overweight all of my adult life, and for a good chunk of my childhood but I have managed to successfully diet in the past. At the age of 15 I weighed 17st 11lb 12oz (113.3kg) and lost a lot of weight (see picture left). I slowly started putting it back on at the age of 17 though.

My Dad died at the age of 55 from a obesity related heart attack and I don't want to die that young. My kids are at an age where they are quite active and want me to join in. I don't want my weight or fitness to be a barrier to that.

Cycling is a good calorie burner as well as a good form of cardiovascular exercise.  Thanks to my employer I was able to get a bike at low cost through their cycle to work scheme. After a number of my colleagues pointing out (just because I was fat) that it's a cycle to work scheme and they expected me to do just that, I took the opportunity to give it a serious go and try and get fit and fight the fat.

I started off by putting my bike in the car and driving most of commute. I then rode the final part of the journey from one of my colleague's home (3 miles a day). This wasn't good enough for some of my critics so I slowly increased the distance. It was so tough in the early days but I persevered. Within 8 weeks I rode the full distance to work and back in a day (19 miles). Two weeks later I rode the full commute for a whole week!

Just over 3 months after getting my bike I was given the opportunity to take part in the 2010 London to Brighton Bike Ride. When my colleagues were signing up for this in March, I said I would be ready and take part the following year. I never expected to be able to ride 54 miles in such a short period of time. By then my weight was down to 113.5kg (17st 12lb 4oz).

My weight dropped steadily as my cycling increased and I received a lot of support online from my blog followers. I continued to surprise myself and others what I was capable of.

Me exactly one year after getting my bike

2011 saw me give up alcohol as another way to help with my weight loss. March 2011 was the 1st anniversary of my journey having ridden a total of 4,191 miles and weighing 86.6kg (13st 9lb). I entered and completed 4 charity bike rides and also took part in my first triathlon.

2012 saw me enter the maintenance phase of weight loss. I got to my lowest weight of 78kg and now I have to stay around that figure. It does creep up from time to time but cycling and a good diet brings me back.

I still cycle at least 100 miles a week and regularly do other sports.

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